The Big Winner

As you may know, we are dedicated in continuous training to stay knowledgeable, helpful, and provide excellent service.

The team was challenged in learning more about Benchmade products and the history of the company, all while being in a race to win a FREE KNIFE!

This aligns with us and our competitive nature but also our willingness to learn and to make our customers lives better.

After watching all the videos and answering all the questions; Sam, Ariel and Natalie waited patiently as the wheel turned to choose the winner…


The question came up, “Natalie, now that you have won your Benchmade knife, what is the first thing you’re going to do?”

She was excited to say she was going to go back to the farm and cut open a bail of hay with her own knife instead of using her dad’s knife!

TeamBootLife loved the opportunity to to learn more about a fan favorite product! They can’t wait to share with you the awesome in-stock selection of Benchmade knives!