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Bread Truck to Boot Truck

There was an idea and everyone seemed to think it was a good one: TeamBootLife needed a step van.  A truck was found a little sooner than expected (God did that through the help of family!) It came during a week of floor resets, Shop Hop, Sales Tax Holiday Weekend, and fair preparation!The sudden find meant Saturday night plans were cutting steel and inhaling a lot of dust.A really good…

Why Decal Stickers?

Little things, like decal stickers, make people smile so that's why we keep them around.A customer once shared that she collected stickers from all her travels. She was a retired surfer and kept her old surfboard hanging in the living room. She put decal stickers on it as a reminder of all the places along the way. You could do the same thing on an old toolbox or suitcase. Imagine the convers…