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Not Boots

Ariat Fuse are not boots. They aren’t even leather.The Fuse are athletic shoes made by Ariat, a brand known for equestrian footwear and apparel. What some don’t know -- the founders of Ariat were two women, Beth Cross and Pam Parker. Following college, they both joined a consulting firm and worked on projects for athletic footwear companies such as Reebok. This work inspired a busin…

​7 Reasons to Shop Mom & Pops this Holiday Season

1) Staff are happy to be there. It’s a special type of person that works at a Mom & Pop. Their goal is to make your life easier, and they come to work excited about who they get to help that day.2) The place of business won’t look like a rummage sale just happened. Instead, items are orderly and easy to find. Did you know clean and orderly spaces reduce stress?3) You'll be speaking to…