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​7 Reasons to Shop Mom & Pops this Holiday Season

1) Staff are happy to be there. It’s a special type of person that works at a Mom & Pop. Their goal is to make your life easier, and they come to work excited about who they get to help that day.2) The place of business won’t look like a rummage sale just happened. Instead, items are orderly and easy to find. Did you know clean and orderly spaces reduce stress?3) You'll be speaking to…

Five Year Mark

October 8, 2019 made it five years since The Boot Life, LLC opened its doors. Statistics say 50% of all small businesses fail within the first five years. With that little bit of sunshine, it seemed like a good time to start a new series, #thatonetime. It will share some of the stories along the way, the ones that encourage us to keep going, to not be a statistic. It will also share abo…