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3 Reasons Why Republic Rags is Awesome

More than five washes. It sounds crazy but most apparel companies are on the fast-fashion train which means they knowingly make clothes that won’t last much longer than five washes. If we’re looking you in the eye, and saying, “yes, this is a great piece,” we need to believe it. Republic Rags makes that easy to do. Their dedication to quality fits right in at The Boot Life.More than three…

Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

Bring the Berries with You - You’ll find all shades of berry this season so don’t be shy. This color wheel is complimentary on all skin tones.Patterns Over Plain – From paisleys to plaids, patterns are prominent for both men and women this season.Throwback Feel - Soft accents of lace and needlework are present throughout the season paying homage to quality and detail.A Shade Off Expected – It…