The Story


The Boot Life, LLC is a family-owned business


in the Historical Carrousel District of Downtown Mansfield, OH.


The Boot Life, LLC came from our mutual love of boots and all the people who wear them.

Doors were opened Oct 8, 2014 after a long-awaited delivery of hand-picked merchandise. 


By year 5, the store had been expanded to support the inventory needs of

Corporate Safety Shoe Programs.


In 2021, a warehouse was added when truck deliveries became more frequent. 


This new addition empowered the team to be operationally efficient

while further supporting both local and out-of-state employers

by way of quality safety shoes, work apparel, and 3PL services. blog-whse2.jpg

We are inspired daily serving you who live

The Boot Life®,

and hold to our mission to help make your life better one boot at a time.