Wrong Size Box?

Did you know Holly’s college summer job was working at School Specialty?? Her first day on the job was learning how to package items correctly and efficiently, and that’s what she did all summer long!

When shipping an item, you want minimal room between the top of the item and the top of the box.  However, what if you don't have the right size box or enough packing materials?  You use this shipping industry hack!

First, find the box you want to ship your item in. Make sure to get a box that is slightly bigger than the item. Grab your trusty utility knife and get ready for step two!

Second, you’re going to cut down each corner to the height of the item that you need to ship.

Last, fold down the sides, tape it up and BOOM, mission accomplished!!

This industry hack will help save on shipping cost, and ensure that your items won’t be damaged in shipping!

Thanks for living The Boot Life®!