The Right Boots

Hunter came by the store a few weeks ago looking for new boots.

“How long have you had those?” We knew by looking at them that they weren’t from our store.

“Four months.” He was clearly upset.

“What do you do?”

“ I finish trailers, [including] putting wheels and tires on... my feet are killing me by the end of the day.”

While speaking with Hunter, Chris, from TeamBootLife, was inspecting his boots and quickly assessed the issue -- the work Hunter does was causing the toe of his boot to come apart and it didn’t have sufficient comfort technology for long hours on concrete. He was in the wrong boot for the job.

Chris recommended the Ground Force with the rubber toe cap. This added protection would prevent wear and tear from happening as quickly. It’s also known for incredible comfort technology, 

We call it jobsite proven because guys come back to buy the same boot!

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