#1 Reason Your Feet Hurt

You’re wearing the wrong size boots!

We understand how important it is to have comfortable footwear, and we want to make sure your footwear fits you properly.

Here are the top 5 things our team can spot that indicates you're in the wrong size boots:

1. Creasing

If your boots are creasing along the side of your foot, they are probably too big. When your boots are too big, your foot sits further back in the boot than it is supposed to causing the smaller part of your foot to be in the widest section of the boot. This causes your boots to crease when you move your foot.

2. Gapping

If there is a large gap, more than ½ ", behind your heel, you are likely in too big of boot.

3. Pulling Laces

If the eyelets on your boots are being pulled inward when you tie them, so that each side is almost touching, your boots are likely too big.

4. Numb Toes

If your toes go numb or tingly when you are wearing your boots, they are likely too small.

5. Dragging Feet

If you drag your feet to keep your boots on, they are probably too big.

If you have other questions about how your boots fit, stop by the store!

We are here to help and make living The Boot Life® easy!

Boots ON!