What to Expect When You Stop By

Customer service that may feel like an old friend to some and a complete stranger to others.  It's a throw back to the corner store.  Let that sink in.  Do you remember a time before self-checkout?  

In any case, it always helps knowing what to expect, so here you go -- TeamBootLife will...

  • Greet you, “Welcome to The Boot Life!”
  • Search for what you need, “What brings you by?”
  • Explain fit, “We like to see the ball of your foot at the widest part of the boot."
  • Bring items to the changing room, “That top has been running a little big, so I brought the next size down, just in case.”
  • And may even play hide & seek with your children,  “Ready or not, here I come!”
  • We just might remember what boots you bought last time or what size you need, “How are your Tombstones treating you?..I think last time you bought an 11 D.” 

When you stop by, let us be a help because helping you is the best part of our day!