Moo Cows

This adorable youth shirt by Farm Boy Farm Girl arrived just before Easter – it’s called the Moo Cow Portrait Tee. Chris & I couldn’t help but smile when we first saw it. Like most things, there’s a story…

Rewind back to a group of unlikely high school friends who met at a local campground – all from different high schools who looked forward to spending long weekends together at the lake.

Nick was one of the guys and he had “chores” that had to be done (even on holidays which was completely foreign to me, a city girl who by comparison went camping to see the stars at night.) When Nick said one weekend, he had to go back home to do chores, our whole group offered to go with him and pitch in. I don’t remember us being much help but after the chores were done, Nick gave us a tour by tractor, and I asked about his “moo cows.” He immediately looked up and said in a real matter-a-fact way, “they are not cows; they are steers.” Too many years have passed to remember my exact response, but it was something along the lines of “…same thing, right?” Nick was sure to reiterate, “they are steers.” After that, he worked to educate me on cows, steers, and even their different breeds. I couldn’t help but smile and say one last time, “moo cows!” We all had a good laugh and it stuck.

Anyhow, to us, “moo cows” will always mean summer nights with good friends.

Nick is a state-certified electrician, has worked agricultural sales in the dairy industry and is currently the Vice President of Gasser Electric. Nick Gasser, along with his family, own Hilltop Cattle Company. He has served on the Senior Beef Committee for Wayne County and is an active 4-H advisor.