Stamp Act Crew Sweatshirt Oatmeal

The Boot Life
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TeamBootLife Footnotes:

  • 10 oz 330 gm cotton/polyester blend
  • Premium tagging
  • Premium heavyweight fabric
  • Generous space & quality construction
  • 1x1 ribbing at cuffs & waistband
  • Embroidered details
  • Built to withstand the battle
  • Your next favorite sweatshirt
  • If you're a lady, remember this is men's sizing
  • Great colors that layer nicely over a flannel or denim shirt

Bureaucratic Overreach - Tragic Developments - The Stamp Act would have created an intrusive bureaucracy. Nearly every transaction was taxed: court documents, licenses, newspapers, church documents, even playing cards. When the underground Sons of Liberty & others intimidated the tax agents, Parliament repealed the Act, passed the Townshend Acts, & sent thousands of troops to America. The result was the Boston Massacre, where Crispus Attucks, an escaped slave, & four others became the first casualties of the long war.