Forever Free T-Shirt Revolutionary Red

The Boot Life
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TeamBootLife Footnotes:

  • 50% recycled polyester, 37% recycled cotton, 13% recycled rayon
  • Premium tagging
  • Classic fit tailored for men
  • 1x1 bound ribbed collar
  • 2-needle sleeve & bottom hems
  • Each color process remains a mixture of art & science: designs are executed by American artists that expertly blend inks, build varying mesh screens, press several layers of stencils, & add unique blends of solution to achieve the vintage effects

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Favorite t-shirt status

Head West --Americans embodied the spirit of the buffalo & headed west while power-house Henry Clay steered the Missouri Compromise through Congress in 1820, extending Missouri westward. Except for Missouri, all U.S. territory north of 36˚ 30' would be forever free of slavery. That slogan fueled western expansion & Popular Sovereignty replaced the Compromise in the 1850s. Slavery north of 36˚ 30' failed to materialize.